At an event I recently attended, a Senior Executive was sharing a story about a text she had received once from her babysitter that simply said “I need to talk to you when you get home”. I immediately felt that sinking feeling that the words “we need to talk” usually bring. She went on to say that when she got home she asked, with trepidation, what was the matter. The babysitter answered “Would it be okay if I took home the leftovers from today?” With a GREAT deal of relief, the executive answered “YES – take anything…just as long as you come back tomorrow!”

I could so relate to that story!

There are so many things I could say about that: the anxiety of not knowing what someone was going to say to you and the stories you start to tell yourself. Or the relief that it was nothing like you imagined. Or the issues of childcare. But let me talk instead about having backup, of having someone that has your back, and can support you so that you can do what you need to do. It’s a universal need and often an unrecognized one, especially among those of us who feel like we need to do everything ourselves.

Here’s the bottom line: We can’t do it alone.

I am reminded of that great Simon & Garfunkel song “I Am a Rock”.  I use to take pride in the fact that I don’t need people to help me, thank you very much. Well, that was pretty much until I had children. The reality of the situation is that you CAN do a lot of things by yourself – but at what cost. So many of us have unconsciously bought into this belief that we should be able to do everything by ourselves. It is just.not.possible.

Let me repeat that:

Everyone, but especially women, need a Tribe that has their back. Women need other women who believe in them when they cannot or do not believe in themselves. Women who are there to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, and an encouraging word. Life is not for the faint of heart and thank goodness we are all in this together!

Who has your back? Who is in your Tribe? Who is there to help you out when you need it…and who can you help out when they need it?

Life is a team sport, not a spectator one. We cannot do it alone. Find your Tribe today!!