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Yesterday I was in a silly mood and was doing a very goofy dance in the kitchen, à la Elaine from Seinfeld.  My daughter, by now resigned to the fact that she has a slightly bizarre mother, said, “Mom, look at the dogs!”  I turned around to see my pups looking at me with heads tipped to the side.  And the looks on their faces were a mix between sheer horror and disbelief.  I was half expecting them to say “What in the WORLD are you doing?!”  Rather humbling to be dissed by a dog.

I decided to observe my pets to see what else I could learn from them on the secrets of life.  Lily, the year-old pup, lives for walks and attention and Trixie, the 9-year old lump, lives for food and naps.  I am in agreement with both lifestyles.  But here are the other things I have learned:

  • There is no love except unconditional love
  • A little affection helps brighten spirits
  • Run hard/rest hard
  • Make each day an adventure by seeing your surroundings with new eyes
  • Protect your loved ones from the “bad guys” and enjoy their friends
  • The simplest things bring the greatest pleasure
  • Be consistent, hold your boundaries and make sure you praise the good stuff

Lily just came up to check on me as I was writing this.  Another lesson: Much can be said without ever uttering a word.