I (re)started my yoga practice. Like so many things that are good for me, I seem to get to the point where I can actually notice the difference they are making…and then drop them. A frustrating pattern and one I am publicly stating now that I would like to change. I believe the proper term is “intend” to change. You heard it here…

In any case, as I unfurled my mat in my living room, I was hit with a bit of sadness and nostalgia: the last time I had done this, I had my much-adored dog, Lily, literally at my side. I could picture her head resting on the mat, eyes looking up at me with a mix of sadness, intrigue and a whole lot of love. Rather than stay in the melancholy, I chose instead to shift to the gratitude of having her in my life for that moment. My mind meandered next to other things I had had in my life that are no longer here: homes, relationships, friends, family, and lots of “things”. To shift out of that thought pattern, I took a look around at what I do have now, and this phrase came to me:

Mine, for now.

A simple phrase, but one with deep meaning. To use the possessive word “mine” implies ownership of some kind. And yet, the phrase “for now” brings in the reality and a touch of humility. It speaks both to the joy and fragility of a situation. And it can apply to everything from a piece of clothing to, indeed, your entire life.

When I can operate from a place where I recognize how temporary everything is, I can choose to either be in fear or freedom. To choose to be in awe of this life and all that is in it at THIS MOMENT brings such joy and gratitude and true freedom.

So, I bless my Lily and the joy she brought me. And all those who have crossed my path who are no longer in my life for one reason or another. Each connection has brought some type of learning or enrichment to my very rich life. And what a privilege it is to be here, in this life, in this home/body/lifestyle/situation/country/existence, right now.

And you, my reader…you are mine, for now. How very grateful I am indeed.