I go searching in my cupboards, two, three, ten times a day. I’m hungry – but for what? I try some chips: that’s not it. How about some chocolate? That usually helps. And it does…for a minute. And then I’m up again – now in the pantry, searching amongst the boxes of stale cereal and jars of artichoke hearts. Nothing.

Last week I wasn’t hungry. Last week I wasn’t searching. Last week I sat for hours, a warm and tiny human nestled softly on my arm. I didn’t think I could hold my arm in one position for that long. I didn’t think I could gaze into a face for hours and see new things each time. I didn’t think I’d be so…satisfied.

This hunger I now feel won’t be satiated by anything in my cupboards. This hunger is for connection – deep, silent, holy connection. Human to human. Soul to soul. Reaching out, making contact, opening up and allowing another in.