From my book “Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman” (Balboa Press, 2012)

I reinvented myself when life took a sharp right turn.  I thought I was on a nice paved road – despite a few potholes and definite twists and turns.  But when I was jettisoned sharply into unfamiliar territory, I realized that I had to change course or be permanently lost.

What do you do when life knocks you for a loop?  Illness, death, divorce, loss of a job – all these can take your breath away and make you lose your bearings.

I discovered that, doing things in the same way that I had been, just didn’t make sense anymore.  I couldn’t rely on what I thought I knew.  I was broken, but I was broken open, which allowed me to experience new ideas, new thoughts and new ways of being.  I’ve learned that I can try new things and take risks and, although I may be bruised, I will still land on my feet.  I can hear that little voice inside, which wisely guides me, and am able, most of the time, to actually heed its advice.

The paved road I thought I had been on was merely an illusion. The real gift is being able to truly see where I am going now.  I may not know what is beyond the curve up ahead, but I know that my eyes are open and I have all I require to get where I need to go.  I’m looking forward to the adventure!