I was a huge Jetsons fan when I was a kid. Saturday morning cartoons most often included George, Jane (his wife), Judy, Elmo and Rastro (Astro, the dog). And the very cool gadgets of the future. They had the moving sidewalks. The microwaves. The video phones. And flying cars. And it was set WAY in the future….like 2020.

So, where are the flying cars?

What I loved about the show, outside of its silly humor, was the imagination. What IF things could be like that? Something so totally foreign to us seemed so natural and everyday to them. And wouldn’t you know, we really DO have a lot of what was just silly imagination back then.

And then there’s the cars. Well, we do have self-driving cars. And ones you don’t need a key to open. All sorts of things I could never imagine in my childhood.

I could keep dwelling on what DIDN’T come to fruition, or I could marvel at all that DID. And it’s the same with my life. I can either use my time imagining what the future COULD be like, or spend it obsessing about why things aren’t the way they should be. In other words, I can choose to hold onto expectations, or release them, and live in the wonder and delight of possibilities.

Here’s to the wonder and delight of the promise of a New Year!